Urgent Appeal for O Blood-Type Donors Following Cyber-Attack on London Hospitals

In the wake of a recent ransomware attack on major London hospitals, NHS Blood and Transplant has launched an urgent appeal for O blood-type donors. This cyber-attack has significantly disrupted hospital operations, leading to a critical shortage of blood for transfusions. We are calling on all eligible donors to help us meet this urgent need.

The Crisis

Last week, several London hospitals, including King’s College Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas’, and the Royal Brompton, declared a critical incident following a ransomware attack on the pathology firm Synnovis. The attack, believed to be orchestrated by the Russian cybercriminal group Qilin, has forced hospitals to cancel operations and tests, and has severely impacted their ability to carry out blood transfusions. This has created an urgent need for O blood-type donations.

O-negative blood is known as the universal blood type and can be used in emergencies when a patient’s blood type is unknown. It is particularly vital in critical situations where every second counts. O-positive blood is the most common blood type and can be given to anyone with a positive blood type, making it beneficial to a large portion of the population. Together, these blood types are essential for maintaining an adequate supply for emergencies and regular medical procedures.


Due to the cyber-attack, the affected hospitals cannot match patients’ blood types as efficiently as usual. This has put an additional strain on the blood supply, as more O-negative and O-positive blood is needed to meet the demand. Blood has a shelf life of only 35 days, making it crucial to replenish stocks continually.

How You Can Help

NHS Blood and Transplant has availability for donors at 25 donor centres across England. Whether you know your blood type or not, you are welcome to donate. Your contribution can save lives and help hospitals provide the best possible care to patients in need.

We urge all eligible donors, especially those with O-negative and O-positive blood types, to book an appointment to donate blood. Your donation is vital in ensuring that hospitals can continue to perform surgeries and provide life-saving treatments.

To book an appointment, visit or search GiveBlood online.

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