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CCS Red Nose Day

At Concept Care our commitment extends beyond providing compassionate healthcare. This year, we rallied behind Comic Relief’s mission to tackle poverty head on. Join us as we share our story of our in-house initiatives to help this worthy cause.

Understanding the struggle:

The impact of poverty, conflict and climate change continues to be felt further and wider. Comic Relief focus their attention on supporting the following key areas:

– Alleviating poverty’s consequences and grip on people’s daily lives.

– Tackling the injustices that keep people in poverty.

– Standing with those in poverty who are most harmed by climate change.

Learn more about their impactful work here.

To support, we took a proactive step in making a positive impact on the lives of those who are struggling around the world.

Our fundraising initiatives:

Within our workplace we held a Red Nose Day buffet, made by fellow staff members, with a donation to our fundraising page to enjoy the array of home cooked delicacies. This was a huge success with lots of our staff showing their support.

Inkeeping with the theme on this day we also encouraged staff to wear some form of Red, whether that be a red nose, clothing item or accessory. If they were unable to dress up in red, we encouraged them to donate instead to keep in the spirit of the day. 

All of which encompassed our commitment to making a difference and helping to tackle poverty. Our hope is that this initiative inspires others to join in creating a ripple effect of compassion, proving that together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing the harsh realities of poverty.

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