Our Story

In 2003, Concept Care Solutions (CCS) embarked to our story with a heartfelt vision to create a profound impact in people's lives through compassionate care and unwavering dedication.

Our journey began with a powerful idea - to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals seeking fulfilling careers within the NHS and individuals in need of compassionate care in the comfort of their own homes.

Valuing Diversity and Making a Difference

At CCS, our employees are not just a workforce; they are valued individuals. Attracting high-skilled talents who share our passion for making a difference lies at the heart of our journey. Embracing diversity and inclusion within our company and among our clients will foster an inclusive environment that stands as a testament to our belief in unity.

Empowering Diverse Communities

At CCS, social responsibility is a core value. Beyond words, it manifests in the opportunities we provide to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including refugees and local citizens. We empower disabled individuals, inspiring hope and breaking barriers.

Giving back to the community resonates deeply with us. Active participation in local job fairs, financial support, and community involvement are integral to our ethos, uplifting those around us.

Our Journey of Resilience and Innovation

As the journey unfolded, CCS became a beacon of longevity in an ever-changing industry. Confronting challenges head-on, we emerged stronger with each obstacle, reinforcing our commitment to becoming a driving force in the healthcare landscape.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional care, addressing the needs of our clients with innovation and tenacity. Overcoming limitations, our reach expanded, enabling us to serve clients more effectively.

Building a Greener, Empowering Future

Our vision for the future is bold and ambitious. We aim to become the largest agency in our industry and sectors, empowering clients and candidates alike with excellence and care. Environmental consciousness drives us to transition to E cars and achieve Net 0 by 2040, paving the way for a greener future.

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