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With our current experience working with the NHS, CCG’s & Local Health Authorities and are determined to play a part in reducing, managing and retaining optimum waiting times not only in line with government guidelines , but also to deliver healthier and safer pathways for your patients.

What We Do

Your Trusted NHS Insourcing Partner

In recent years, the NHS has been grappling with increasing waiting times, strained resources, capacity, and the overwhelming backlog of patients in need of medical attention. Insourcing has emerged as a viable solution to address these challenges and enhance patient care delivery. In recent years, COVID-19 and incidents like junior doctors’ strikes, together with the lack of real estate capacity (i.e. theatres and clinic suites), have significantly increased waiting list times and the demand for insourcing solutions.

Insourcing within the healthcare market can be defined as the provision of a range of managed medical and clinical services, utilising spare, in or out-of hours capacity (typically in the evening and at weekends) within a trust, on top of an NHS trust’s existing capability, to reduce backlogs and improve efficiency.

At Concept Care Solutions, our Insourcing services support the NHS Secondary and Primary Care to manage, reduce and maintain waiting times in line with National & Local targets. Our staff and clinical teams will use your space and your facilities to deliver elective surgeries, clinics and clinical assessments to patients providing a seamless and efficient service thus reducing the backlog. Concept Care has also been very successfully delivering virtual clinics, effectively bringing down waiting times without putting additional logistical strain on NHS Trusts.


CCS NHS Recruitment & Staffing

CCS, has been providing multidisciplinary staffing solutions to the NHS and local authorities for over 15 years – Testament to this is the number of NHS Framework CCS has been awarded including the major Government In sourcing Framework – CCS has a strong ethos of working in partnership with the NHS and Health and Local Authorities based on these ethics

Integrity & Transparency

Delivering on agreed outcomes​

Best Practices in Compliance and Clinical Governance.

Putting the patient first and foremost at all times.



A key part of CCS In Sourcing offering is the ability to roll out services in a swift, assured manner. CCS efforts are led successful and experienced project managers and their supporting teams in compliance, finance, IT operations and comms.

CCS is experienced in project planning, executing on each distinct phase, meeting the performance KPIs agreed with commissioners.


Specialist Strategy


The Process

Talk to CCS In-Sourcing about your waiting list pressure points, your bottlenecks. Lets discuss how:

Our availability

CCS In-Sourcing provides services seven days a week, including weekends and bank holidays.


Flexible Use of Facilities

CCS In-Sourcing offers the flexibility to utilise unused clinic rooms, theatres, and GP facilities to treat and assess your patients.

Successful Remote Clinics

CCS In-Sourcing successfully runs remote clinics whenever possible, ensuring smooth and consistent service.

Comprehensive Clinical Teams

We understand that each NHS organisation has unique requirements. Our solutions are customised to address your specific staffing challenges.


Our Insourcing Approach

At Concept Care Solutions, we understand the critical role that healthcare professionals play in delivering exceptional care to patients. That’s why our insourcing approach is built on the following pillars:

We are dedicated to providing the NHS with top-tier professionals who meet the highest standards of expertise and qualifications.

Our efficient recruitment process ensures a quick and seamless integration of skilled professionals into the NHS workforce.

We adapt to the ever-changing needs of the healthcare system, offering flexible and scalable solutions to meet demands effectively.

Our collaborative approach fosters strong partnerships with NHS organisations, ensuring a shared vision of delivering quality patient care.

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For comprehensive and flexible healthcare solutions, get in touch with CCS In-Sourcing today. Whether you need additional clinical teams, remote clinic management, or utilisation of unused facilities, we are here to support you.

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