Dementia Action Week 2018

The Dementia Action Week 2018 known before by Dementia Awareness Week will take place again across several localities in the UK. Between 21 and 27 of May, the campaign aims to educate the British population about the importance of taking action against this special issue on social health.

The Alzheimer’s Society has been organising every year the Dementia action Week in order to raise awareness and the support of the population of Great Britain. The Alzheimer’s Society is asking all citizen to participate and to take actions such donations that will impact and make the difference in the lives of people affected by Dementia.

With the increase of British population and the life expectancy, the prevalence of dementia is increasing. According  with the Alzheimer’s Society it is estimated 850,000

people living in the UK with dementia. The numbers are predicted to rise 35% by 2025 and every three minutes an individual develops symptoms of dementia. The increase in the

numbers demonstrates how crucial is to find an effective treatment to stop or slow down the rise of the diseases that are anteceded of dementia. Due to the difficulty in diagnosis the early stages, the probability of more individuals with dementia may be higher than it is estimated. In addition to the lack of accuracy, there are no approved effective new treatments. Dementia disorder is complex and limited in treatment plans as should be provided with an individual safe drug therapy.

What is Dementia

Dementia is a range of diseases that affect the cognitive and behaviour. Means that patients diagnosed with dementia suffering from changes in cognition, function and behaviour. Dementia causes memory loss, inability to recognise objects, communication and language impairments, inability to perform independently a normal daily task and inability to interpret, judge and planning. An individual suffering from dementia have symptoms of psychosis, apathy, agitation, aggression, delusions and hallucinations.

Take Action

One of our colleagues is taking action to defeat Dementia by running the ½ marathon of St Albans on 10 June of 2018. Concept Care Solutions is asking everyone to take action and to visit the fundraising page  where you can donate and stand united with people suffering from dementia.

Citizens can know more information about the Dementia action Week and the great work of the Alzheimer’s Society by following the hashtag #DAW2018.